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Our RIB boats with Hidea 9.9HP 
Adventure D330-H with Hidea 6HP outboard motor

Early this week I ordered an air pump for my inflatable boat. 
Today I rec. my l new air pump. Great service. thank you Jim
Osapian 55 lb trolling motor

Hi George,

My wife and I have been very pleased with our Osapian 55.  We have been moving our 29' 11000lb. sailboat in and out of harbors and other tight places.  It is quite powerful and has worked flawlessly.

Jericho Sailing Centre has decided to buy Hidea outboard motors.

Hidea 9.9 HP outboard motor has been working for over than 200 hours. The outboard starts up from one pull.

Hidea 5 HP small outboard motor speeds the 12 ft inflatable boat to 15 km/h 

This motor has been working for over than 150 hours.

WindSure school is using Hidea 5HP small outboard

small outboards for sale

Hello George
Just over one year ago I bought an inflatable boat and a Hidea 4 HP motor from your company.
For various reasons I had put little time on the motor and have recently run into problems. 

Although the warrantee had expired you asked me to bring the motor to you which I did.
You very kindly spent almost 2 hours on the motor after you determined that there was oil in the combustion chamber. When the motor was reassembled it ran quietly and smoothly. It turns out that the problem in fact was caused by myself while lying the motor on its side. I now understand that the motor should only be in an upright position or on its side with the handle on the downside.
Customer service is of critical importance to any business however, I must say you have gone above and beyond what I expected.
To anyone considering a purchase from you, I highly recommend you as a businessman with integrity and your products as being of high quality and of great value.
Thank you very much.
With kind regards,
Ken Smith

I've bought a boat from them, good guys, good service, good quality. 

Very happy with the boat I bought, tested on Buntzen last weekend.
Thank you

boat wheel

Thank you George. Launching wheels is the best product !!!
I decided to weld the brackets on instead of bolt.
Jeff White

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